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I'm so glad God doesn't strike me dead :)

Jen on July 15, 2010

 I've been doing a lot of thinking since God decided to have us wait.  I was disappointed - to say the least.  And to be honest, I was mad.  I had it all figured out and God messed it up.  I kept thinking of all the things that were wrong with the picture - how slowing us down created less urgency for raising support - how God sold our home and now we are "stuck" here for another 7 months. 

Then I felt like Job - and God asked me - Since you know so much - where were you when I created the heavens....
Who was I to question God's heart?
Where do I get away thinking I know better than God?
PRIDE - gets me every time.  HATE THAT!!

So I humbled my heart and asked God to forgive my pride and I told Him I would submit.  ahhhhh Peace :)
I'm so glad God didn't get mad at me and strike me dead.  He could have - had every right to - but He loves me and has other plans than heaven right now - and boy am I ever thankful for that :) Not that I wouldn't mind going to heaven!!  :)