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Amazing Grace

Jen on March 28, 2010

We were invited to Memorial Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio.  Pastor Wright is the wonderful Shepherd who leads there.  We drove over Saturday afternoon and home on Sunday afternoon.  It was amazing and for the first half hour of our trip home, all I could do, was pray and thank God for the amazing blessing and encouragement this church was to us.

It was a missions conference.  We prayed a lot before we went to this church, that we would be blessing to them, that we would serve them, that we would present well, and that the children's ministry would encourage the children.  We wanted to be a blessing to them.  And the thing is, they were an overwhelming blessing to us.  Even as I write this, there are tears of gratitude.  We are overwhelmed by their kindness. 

There was a dinner Saturday night for the missionaries, the missions committee and the deacons.  It was so nice to spend time with people in a small group setting so that on Sunday, we "knew" people.  There was sharing from the other missionaries, laughter, fabulous food, and a great time to get to know the people of Memorial Baptist Church.  They had pizza and games for our kids at church - and our kids had THE BEST time!!

We stayed with Ken and Brenda Williams and they were so gracious and generous with their hospitality. Crazy thing was, I woke up Sunday morning at 5:30 and couldn't sleep.  Brenda was up around 6:15ish preparing for that day and we had the best talk that morning.  She is a kindred spirit,  It made my day that she spent time talking with me.  They are a very special family and it was an honor to stay in their home. 

The children at Memorial were fabulous.  It was so much fun to minister and serve them.  The church collected an offering to help with our O & P and they were amazingly generous.  They gave us gift cards, gave our kids back packs filled with wonderful toys, candy, snacks, paper and pens.  They showered us with love.    They showered us with GRACE!  We didn't deserve ANY of what they gave us - and yet their love for God was so evident in the sacrificial love and gifts they gave us.   We are overwhelmed with gratitude toward God, toward Memorial Baptist Church and the precious people who fellowship there. 

Thank you Memorial Baptist Church for being what God has asked you to be, to live as He has asked you to live, to give as He has asked you to give.  We pray that we will have the opportunity to bless you as you have blessed us.  We thank Jesus for the wonderful God ordained opportunity to be at this very special church.