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My Nana

Jen on November 1, 2009

     My  Nana is dying.  A hospice nurse says she has 24 hours to live.  She is 93 and has lived a good life.  She is my dad's mom.  I have such great memories of her flying from Boston, Massachusetts to Dayton, Ohio every summer and every Christmas - either for one week or two.  She was an incredibly hard worker and she loved to laugh.  I cannot remember one time that Nana ever complained.  In the past several years she has gone from being able to totally care for herself, to living in a retirement home that now gives her full care .  I was able to see Nana in September and she remembered who I was.  We (Mark and I) wheeled her in her wheel chair outside to sit in the sun.  At one point, I asked her what she was thinking, and she said, "About you."  Nana was there with my mom when I came to the US from Vietnam.  She has been a part of my life for 36 years.  I will miss her. 

     I am so glad she knows Jesus as her Savior.  I know where she is going, and that she will be pain free. She will walk again and laugh and talk with her Savior and all those who have gone before her.  I wonder who she wants to talk to, her husband Jack, Abraham?  She will be missed greatly but I am so glad she will be truly free from this earthly body and will be whole and happy and with Jesus.  But it is still hard to sit and watch a loved one die.  Please pray for my Aunt and my cousin David and his wife as they sit with Nana.