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Jen on September 30, 2009

 Have you ever asked God for something, believing that He can answer the way you want and He doesn't?  I have, today, in fact.  I have been asking God for months for something very specific.  He chose to answer a different way.  Do I still believe that He is in control?  That He will provide?  That He still hears me and still cares even though I thought He should answer my  way? :)  Do I believe that He is who He says He is and He will work in miraculous ways, ways that I cannot even imagine?  YES!!  Do I still wish He had given me what I asked for? yes.  Do I feel sad that He answered differently?  yes.  Am I thankful that He answered at all? yes!! Do I let go - believing that He knows best and will answer in His way, His time?  yes!! So even though it is not what I asked for, God does know what is best for me and I will rest in that and find great peace.  Thank you Jesus, for being you, and for loving me.  I love you.