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I love God!!

Jen on September 29, 2009

Isn't God the best!!  How cool is He to create so many different people and make them so uniquely them?  AWESOME!!  Today Mark and I were able to meet with a pastor from a church who we actually met when we were in Nicaragua on our vision trip! How great is that??  That God already knew that we would take the vision trip at the same exact time as the pastor (Preach they call him:)) we met with today??

It was such a blessing and privilege to meet with Preach.  He has a vision to teach his congregation to Worship. Grow. Serve.  That is what their church is all about.  He has a great love for God and his congregation, a fantastic sense of humor, and the gift of hospitality.  We were honored to share our hearts with him and get to know him better.

So as we continue on our pre-field ministry, it is exciting to me - to see who God puts in our lives to partner with, people we would probably never have met if it hadn't been for pre-field.  They are nothing less than encouragement and blessings from God!!  Thank you Jesus! Love you!!