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The Ripple Effect

Jen on September 20, 2009

 Mark and I volunteered our time to the Montgomery County Educational and Rehabilitation Center.  There was a One Day with God camp going on.  It is a ministry to reconcile a father who is in prison with his children. It is trying to break the cycle of fathers in prison and then their children making poor decisions and going to prison.  (Forgivenministries.org)  When Mark and I were talking, it really made us think about the decisions our fathers have made.  They both walk with God, and have made God honoring decisions through life.  Not that they are perfect, but they have chosen to follow God and have taught us, their children, to do the same.  We have that same responsibility to our children,  The decisions we make will affect our children.  And as our children grow older and have children, the decisions we have made and that they have made will affect their children.  I am so thankful for the incredible Godly heritage Mark and I both have and that our children have.  We are blessed.