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Move That Bus!!

Jen on August 31, 2009

 Okay - so we didn't really get the home make over BUT we DID get our small group who came over and helped us paint and do other odd jobs!  What a blessing they were!! On Saturday we had 3 people come and help us with the ceilings and the kitchen.  We could not have gotten as far without those 3 incredible painters!  Then on Sunday - reinforements came!! Oh my! They were AWESOME!! They finished the kitchen, entry way, dining room, living room, hallway and the kids bedroom! Those outside replaced almost all the screens and whatever else we asked them to do.  It would have taken us HOURS and DAYS to get done what they did in a night!! Thank you so much, small group, for all your love and all your help!! Thank you, God, for the gift of our small group!! They are wonderful and I love our "little family'!  Make sure you see the pictures! (I didn't get pictures of everyone - I'm so sorry!! Dudenhofers, Hofmann's, Hume's, Kay Cherry, please forgive me??)