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Why God chooses to bless us - will always humble me

Jen on August 16, 2009

 We had small group tonight.  In the summer - our church has small groups of people meeting in the local area - which is nice b/c we drive 25 minutes to church and the location of our small group is 5 minutes away :)

It amazes me that God chooses to bless us.  It is because He does not treat us as our sins deserve - He is merciful and gracious and kind and loving and overwhelmingly generous.  I love Him so much, not because of what He does for me - even tho I am TOTALLY thankful, but because He loves me - He finds me valuable - He completely forgives my sins and accepts me just the way I am. 

So Mark and I have been wondering how we are going to get our home ready to sell - we want to be ready when God wants us to leave - and with Obama's "deal"  that ends in November - well - that just spurs us on.  But we have a lot to do but we know people are busy and we didn't  want to bother them - and ya know what?  Our small group volunteered to give of themselves and help us.  One couple even volunteered to buy the paint (we have a lot of painting to do).  It is so humbling to be the recipient of such love.  We have an amazing church family.  We are so blessed.  How can I not help but have a grateful heart and a never ending love for God and greater desire to know Him. 

Thank you so much small group - my heart is pressed down, shaken and overflowing with gratefulness to you and to God.  We love you!!