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We did it!! Our first REAL presentation!

Jen on August 12, 2009

 We did it! We made our first presentation to Bat Cave Baptist Church in Bat Cave North Carolina on Sunday.  (Sadly, we didn't meet Bruce Wayne) They were such a gracious church.  The congregation was kind and it was a blessing to be there.  The pastor was out of town but he still allowed us to present our ministry on Sunday Morning.  They gave generously and sacrificially. We are so thankful to them and to God. 

The DVD that Dan Ernst and I had been working on so tirelessly - was done on Tuesday (the Sunday before we were to present to Bat Cave).  We were to leave Wednesday for North Carolina to see my parents and sister.  I have the best parents and the best sister!!  :) On Wednesday, Dan's computer crashed - the DVD had not been burned and it was still on his computer!

Scott Snodgrass - a computer genius and very kind friend - (who started his own computer business - Geeks Inc.) gave of his time to help Dan get his computer up and running and then Dan worked diligently to overnight it to us in NC so we could use it Sunday.  Thank you Scott!! Thank you Dan!! We appreciate you - your time - your help!!  Thank you so much!!